Any way to "Deselect Main"?

Using cuelist macros I can “SELECT” and I can “SELECTMAIN”, however it looks like once I run a “SELECTMAIN” macro there is no way to deselect main.

What I’m doing:
(1) “Main Go” is assigned to a Function Key to provide a physical Go button for Onyx PC.
(2) At the end of one cuelist I use a “TRIGGER” macro to proceed to the next Cuelist.
(3) At the start of the next Cuelist, I use a “SELECT” macro so that the currently active Cuelist is displayed in the “Selected Cuelist” window so I can visually follow along with the cues.

What works ok:
Using the “SELECT” macro works all ok. The “Main Go” Function Key works perfectly and the Selected Cuelist window works as expected (plus I’m enjoying my new Onyx NX-DMX!)

What doesn’t work:
Using the “SELECTMAIN” macro, the Selected Cuelist window no longer changes to display the next cuelist and once a Cuelist is selected as Main, I can’t find any way to deselect it without restarting Onyx.

Seems like a bug to me.

(Onyx PC version 4.4.1193.0 Win10 version 21H1)


Use the Cuelist Directory to unselect an As Main cuelist.

Here is a link to the manual to further explain.
As Main

Hope this helps,


Ahh “As Main” is a toggle. Got it!

I completely missed that in my search of the manual. Too easy ! Many thanks Watson, much appreciated :slight_smile: