Anyone got a NS8 to work with Elation eNode 8 Pro?

Can not get switch to talk to either of my eNode 8 Pro… Can Ping everything except Node. Was wondering if anyone out there has had any luck?

Hey there! I believe we may have spoken on the phone about this a couple of weeks back. I am still looking into this; however, I did hear from our service team that there were some critical updates for the eNode 8 Pro a while back. Do you know what firmware version your node is running?

Good morning! I wanted to let you know that I was able to test this with an eNode 8 Pro and am seeing the same issue. I am able to pass signal through ArtNet as well as ping the device when set to sACN, but it simply won’t output through the NS8. I’m going to do some further testing and discuss a fix with our firmware team.