Art-Net devices (DMX King, Pathport, ETC, et al)

Looking to start a thread about user experiences and compatibility of Art-Net, sACN, ETCLink devices and the Onyx platform.

For my own events I use a DMXKing eDMXPro4 via Artnet and it works great, has a great setup interface and the software has no issues linking to it.

At my primary venue (ballrooms, breakouts etc), we have a Martin Ether2DMX8 node that naturally works great with the Onyx and is even recognized within the software itself.

We are looking to expand our data distribution (as we install a now house lighting system) and are looking to Pathway Connectivity’s gateways (Quattro, Octo, and Pathport) for this new distribution.
We also use a Unison/Sensor system to interface with wall panels in our ballrooms.
I’ve heard that the Onyx may? have the ability to work with ETCLink hardware?

Would love to hear what other people use and would be happy to discuss any of my experience if it will help anyone out there!


I have used a variety of different Art-Net and sACN devices, and thanks to the protocols, all work great. Basically, as long as the device works with the protocol, it will work with Onyx.

As for “Showing Up” in the Art-Net window of Onyx, that is dependent on whether the device implements that feature of Art-Net or not. I have used ENTTEC’s ODE, for example, and it shows up, but Chauvet’s DMX-AN does not (this does not stop it from working, however).

Anything from Pathport should work fine, same with modern ETC rigs, as they allow you to use sACN.

RDM is the other place where few nodes will work properly. I believe RDM only works on Art-Net, and it can vary by device.

And that is what I have experienced so far :slight_smile:


Going to revive this old thread:
Recent purchase of an NX1 to replace an ancient ETC console. We have a ETC Response 4 port gateway in our back of house rack that we need to connect to over sACN, but can’t seem to get our settings correct. Gateway is on a static IP and I’ve checked to make sure the NX1 is on the same subnet and using an available IPaddress, but I’m stuck and getting nowhere quick.

Anyone out there been where I am and able to offer some guidance?

Can you share the network card settings for each device?
What IP scheme/range are you using for your sACN network?

The ETC Response is on a static IP , on subnet I’ve set the NX1 to the same subnet and an available IP.

disable sACN sync on the NX1 settings page

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that was it. Thanks!


Can you explain why that is needed. Is that something that I should see if I can get updated in my ETC dimmer racks?