Art-net input

Please tell me how to properly configure DMX input on art-net from another device? Onyx does not see the incoming signal

whats the IP address of the PC?

I understand that one is at the entrance and one is at the exit? Or should there be one IP? I have on the input and Nov on the output I do not quite understand the routing in Onyx itself

I dont think you can read in 10.0. Use the same 2.x in and use different universe numbers.

I have two network adapters with two IPs, respectively, but how do I configure one to enter and the other to exit?


I have tried to do that before and what I have found is it was not possible. I could be wrong tho.

I am guessing you are trying to achieve this on a PC then?

One work around could be use 2 PC’s, put them in a slave setup and use one as your input and the 2nd one as your output. I haven’t tried that myself. If I get chance I could give it a go out of interest.

Are you trying to merge 2 Artnet streams?



Yes. I want to manage playbacks in onyx by an external device in a single art net flow

You don’t configure in and out to the specific artnet IP. Send a Universe on a free number (e.g. 20)
Map the Universe as a Port. Assign the port to a function in the DMX Input.
Some consoles send artnet with an offset. You will need to know that (Artnet Universe 20 could be 20 or 19)
There is a DMX I/O Window that allows you to see the current Universes

Mapping is explained here:

You may need to use an external test tool on a laptop in your network to ensure you are actually seeing Artnet from the other device and at what Universe, like Artisit License DMX Workshop or Artnetominator.