Artnet and backup console

So we have two brand new pcs with all firewalls disabled and the computers see each other and we can send documents via the network to each other. The network is a simple switch no firewalls either on it. Both pcs same version of onyx and we are using artnet output. The issue we’re having is the backup can’t see the other pc to join the show. So we’re completely stumped. X nets on, on both pcs. So if you know what the problem is please let me know.

What version of onyx is on the pcs? Are You running a direct connection or is it through a switch/router?

II noticed, that when there is a switch or a router in between, the link between PC’s is running very good.
Adhoc network is not recommended (as far as I know).

Similar problem here. I have everything on (XNET, Remote, all the toggles) and I use EtherDMX on both PC. I see the show but when I click JOIN nothing happens.


I am currently running that version of Onyx 4.2.1052 (25/07/2019) with two PC’s at home both with firewalls on and I have no issue with XNET.

My Win Ver. is Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.17763.737]

Have you tried to remove the Ether2DMX8 from out of the network to see if that helps solve the problem? I don’t have mine handy so I can’t test it for you currently sorry.

I can also remote with my tablet and I have not tested joining via wifi yet but will do tomorrow.