Artnet Issues

I had a very stable M2PC setup using the last Martin software with several Entec artnet boxes.

After years the system finally crashed and I am setting backup using Onyx. I used what I though was the last version that supports the Entec boxes (4.4.1193.0) but bit is not seeing the boxes. I was able to use the override to get one box working. How can I setup the others? Is there another box I should purchase that will work seamlessly?


Enttec Art-Net boxes are fully supported in all versions, including the current 4.8 release.
The change was specific to USB boxes.

We do not support 4.4 so please update to 4.8 and retest. Also keep in mind “seeing” the boxes is not requires for Art-Net to function, many devices do not report back to a console, but work perfectly fine.

Thanks, is there a specific way to update or just download the latest version and do the install?

Everything seems to be working after the upgrade.

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