ArtNet Version?

Do we know the version of Artnet that the Netron EN series will support?

Artnet4 has been out for a couple years and we’re hoping to take advantage of the Artnet/sACN dual capabilities specified in the protocol.

it will be artnet up to version 4. It also supports sACN and we are investigating RDM NET.
Any specific capabilities you are referring to?

Hey Mathias, sorry just getting back around to this project!

I saw in the Artnet 4 protocol that we can enable Art-Net to setup RDM etc, but then swap to running the live data via sACN.
Of course I know Onyx will allow me to manually swap between the two protocols etc, I just wanted to be sure the Netron gateways would be ready for that kind of use.

For more detailed info -
I have DMX/RDM control over commercial-grade LED lighting fixtures (house lights) that do not have an on-board addressing system. RDM only.
But my understanding is that sACN is a bit more stable and more plug-n-play compared to Art-net (which I’m more familiar with).
We were considering swapping our live data to sACN, but without RDM capabilities we’d run into issues with our house lights and other RDM functionality we’d prefer to preserve.

Looking forward to the Netron gear, ours is on the way and I’m itching to start our upgrade =)