As MAIN: Release on next GO

Maybe I’m doing something wrong but the option “Release on next GO” doesn’t seem to work when the cuelist is set as main.
The cuelist has this option enabled but when pressing the main “GO” button on the M2PC a second time the cuelist isn’t released.
If not supported, this option should be grayed out or hidden from the options.

Thank you


I was wondering that too. With “Release on next Go” on its waiting for you to trigger go on a different cue stack. If your trying to get that cue stack to release itself try adding a macro to release it or in the “end of Cuelist” select “release with Go”

Indeed a macro does the trick, but I hope they fix this so there is no difference between a normal cuelist or the one set “As Main” so I don’t need to add Macro’s all over the place. :slight_smile: