ATLA Base new library - fixture requests -easier way???

I realize you have instructed people to request fixtures as needed, but I am wondering if there is an easier way in some cases. You are asking us to do a LOT of work -that has already been done!

I’m looking for instance in the “Litegear” category. In the old (*4.1193) version, there are 8 fixture types, with 4 to 6 profile options EACH that are missing from the Atlabase library. Can’t we just request that Atlabase copy all these over to the new library? It would literally take me a week of work to manually copy all of this information out to spreadsheets, find links, and submit all these 40 or so profile requests separately using the online submission form. Since they already exist in the previous library, wouldn’t it be a lot easier and quicker for Atlabase to just extract them, or export them or whatever from the old Onyx library? It seems like it’s making a lot of work for nothing to submit all these profiles individually. It doesn’t even seem very efficient for Atla, as they are having to build these fixtures up from scratch from written notes, it’s like all the work Ofer or whoever did creating these profiles is being thrown away.


I agree, for items that already had working profiles in 1193, you should just be able to request that fixture be merged over. If you having to go request each profile and mode for a fixture and have to give supporting documentation of the profile, knowing all that information was already provided and verified in the previous library, seems frustrating especially when it comes to litegear stuff since they aren’t as well documented profiles as other manufactures. I’ve noticed also some generics I frequently used were gone, profiles I used for simple hybrid fixtures.

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“some generics I frequently used were gone…”

The “Warm/Cold LED Panel” with virtual dimmer option is one I really need. And I’m not sure how to even request it in the Atlabase system. It’s not like I can really provide a manufacturer.

One thing that occurred to me, where Atlabase would need additional information, is the physical form of the fixture. I don’t know if the current Onyx library tracks any of that, but I don’t see why it would, it’s not used in the 2D Plan. But compared to the profiles/modes, that should mostly be pretty easy. For instance with the Litegear/LiteMat stuff, that’s just a rectangle emitting light from one side. It’s a simple physical form. Capture, which is if I understand it completely, 100% Atla, has soft LED sources already, for instance Arri Skypanels and Litepanel Astras. This is way easier than those to model. But I figure they might be held up by that, in which case I would suggest they just extract the profile and mode information from the current Onyx Library, and then we could help them choose an appropriate 3d model for the fixture.

I wonder if there is value in starting some kind of working group with Atla. A “film and TV production specialized working group” or something, compile a list of the fixtures we really need.