Attribute Belt Toggle Popout windows

Hi guys,We are using an NX4 with the latest release 4.6.1218 and latest fixture library .We are running Arkaos V5,everthing works fine except we cant get the toggle popout windows to work with the Media Library selection and Media File attribute belts.We would normally toggle both these Windows open with a double click of the corresponding encoder wheel to quickly select the library and file. We can get the toggle Popout windows to work on any other attribute but not these two.Any thoughts or is it possible by accident to lock these out so they don’t popout?

could you share a screenshot, not quite sure which window you are looking at.

Hey Matthias, its the windows that pop out when you double click the encoder wheels.

Can’t see an issue, they open on first try.

Hey Matthias, not on our NX4 ??
All the other Attributes will pop out fine except for these two ??

Could you have moved the direct panels for those 2 channels off the main screen earlier? In the menu, under General, Direct Access, press the Reset (Positions) button: does that fix the problem?

That fixed it. Thanks