Auto focusing gobos with beam presets

I had an Idea the other day and I can’t quite figure out if it’s even possible.

I have individual presets made up for beam angle with prism, beam angle without prism, Focus gobo1 with prism, focus gobo1 without prism , focus gobo2 with prism, and focus gobo2 without prism.

I then have cues built for each gobo that also include beam angle without prism and focus without prism, this works fine when switching between the 2 gobo wheels as long as I’m not using the prism.

Now here is the question:
is it possible I could have a cue for the prism that is smart enough to change the beam angle and focus dependent on which gobo wheel I’m using?

I think I already have the building blocks I need, just can’t figure out how 1 cue can for example say if this cue is active i do this and if that cue is active i do that.

I think I could do some mind blowing effects if this is possible as I have a few other ideas i’d like to experiment with as well.

Hey Guy,

Interesting idea. The only thing I can think of is you could have a separate cuelist with the focus for the specific wheel (gobo 1 or 2). Then in your gobo1 cuelist you could have a macro that call that specific cue to run at the same time. You could call a different cuelist (via macro) that releases the focus for the first wheel and set’s it to the other position based on the wheel in use.

However, at this point it maybe just as easy to store the focus with the gobo preset. Or to build your gobo cuelist with the focus preset needed. Then if you wanted to update the focus preset (make it softer / blurry) you can just update it. Like the gobo cuelist also has focus presets (which have the preferred focus embedded by the actual focus you would like). IE Gobo cuelist 1 has Focus 1 preset and the focus 1 preset has a “hard / sharp” edge preset. Then if you need to have “soft / blurred” setting (stored in another preset) and want to change, you can change focus 1 preset to the “soft / blurred” preset without having to redo all your cues.

Anyway, just a quick idea with no testing.

Hope this helps,


my other idea, is to have gobo, beam angle, and focus on the cues for the gobos, then have 2 cues in a stack that runs a higher priority that include prism, beam angle and focus. that way way on first go, it will switch to prism, change beam angle and focus for the 1st gobo wheel, then 2nd go will do the same but focus for the 2nd wheel, then on release the focus and beam angle will return to which ever is in the gobo cue that is selected. I must be on the right track here, just missing something.