Auto start recommended config

Looking to use Onyx over cue server for a bar install. I am very very familiar with the platform from a live event perspective and the onyx manager will do what I need functionality wise.

I just need a bit of getting to speed on the supported configuration of auto starting. This will be running on an IT style server with VMWare ESXi. For those not familiar it is a virtualization operating system. I can install any current version of windows on it, although I would prefer the cheaper licenses if I can get away with it. I do have a volume licensing agreement so I can use enterprise 2016 LTSB / IoT / 2019 LTSC if needed. I think server would be out of budget at this point.

I need the system to boot up and run Onyx and play out cues reliably. The hardware is reliable, the OS is reliable, but what about getting this to start up every time? With cue server I know it will start up every tome. My colleagues say that “they have to restart onyx every time the computer restarts” I am imagining this is as simple as them not looking into it hard enough.

I am asking an asked and answered question because we all know that Windows LOVES to change these things. It used to be with windows XP/7 you could run arbitrary code as the “shell”, then we had a startup folder only, and now it seems we don’t have that.

The machine is required to be on the internet for remote support. No way around that one… I can’t deal with the lag involved in running through VMware KVM and not knowing if machine is up.

Any help is appreciated regarding current advice on the subject of getting this software to act like an appliance.

Thank you!

Win 10 still has an autostart way, and in ONYX you can tell the showfile to autostart as well.
You can also change the shell for Windows and replace it with onyx.

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@Matthias - can You show some links/examples of how it can be done?
This would be perfect for my onPC NX Wing console. I made the autostart of the onyx software on windows botup, but still need to have the option to just power off the computer without the system shut down function from windows, to just switch on/off like NX2/M6.

Is there any way to run ONYX as a service in windows? I will only be using manager on the session master and using a console to join the show to do programming.

make yourself an NX2 USB stick and start looking at the config xml files. You should find all items that we apply to allow this instant power off.

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