Automatic BPM Detection

The one feature I really miss in Onyx is automatic BPM detection. It would be great to be able to take a line signal, hook it up to the audio interface of the PC and have Onyx detect the tempo of the music in real time.
This might not be super important for concerts and live shows, but crucial for smaller night clubs that don’t have a light operator present for the whole night.


120 BPM averaged is your key ^^

yeah, I tried telling the DJs who play at our venue to play 120bpm so the lights are in sync, but the results were… let’s say, mixed (pun intended…).

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I agree. Would love to see more inputs for BPM.

My Suggestion is:

  • Ableton Link (used by Ableton, Serato, Native Instruments, Virtual DJ)
  • Midi Clock

This might be easier to implement than audio analysis for BPM detection.