Autosave show as in Microsoft office

Could You add please autosave options like they are in Microsoft office? every edit is saved. If pc shut downs, it saves. Thanks.


Except for workspace and layout, this is already the case. Everything actions are saved into Onyx database.

After Onyx relaunch, just continue the actual show to get it.

You seem to misunderstand the file and show concept.
Every change is saved in the show. All the time. Reboot, hit continue, you are exactly where you took off.

The files you save contain the show and create a snapshot in time of it. They are no longer edited. This allows to save a file as a state (before repatch, Staples Center Show etc). Once saved, these files will NEVER be changed unless you save over them.
If you start the desk and RELOAD such files, all changes in your current show are lost and the state of the file is loaded into ONYX.