Beam 230 [ help ]


I have 6 beam 230 and I’m trying to link them with Martin Light Jockey but Im facing some difficulties.
The problem is that when I use for example Beam R2 MK2 profile, the light comes up, gobo and colors works perfectly fine, but PAN and TILT does not work properly. When I try something else like Beam 230 profiles, PAN and TILT works fine but light does not come up.

Can some one please guide me what should I use or what should I try.


I also made a fixture request.

Best Regards.


I’ve received your profile request, and replied to you, saying the provided DMX chart, is not relevant to the requested fixture profile (seem to be taken from an RGBW LED Wash)

Please Email me.

If not received my Email, please check your Spam folder, or PM me here

Ofer Brum
Fixture Library Support

can you help me with a profile for this mh model ?

i heve the same model and i can’t turn of the lamp and i can’t use all functions

i have a light jockey 2

i hope you will replay fast



Send me a profile request, and I’ll look into this

Please note I’m out on few projects, so it may be delayed


if u ever got this fixtures profile done mind sending it pls @Ofer_Brum

4 months ago…

Either the profile was already sent to you, or your request didn’t make it…

Please resend…

I managed to create my own profiles,I needed it fast when it came to a live application
I want to thank you for your help anyway

Hi guys, I also need a profile for Beam 7R , martin lightjockey2
can someone send me?

I have some problem, please send me for e-mail profile.

fill out this form to request fixture profile

search for a fixture with same parameters

Hola me pueden ayudar con la beam 230 w la b luminaria porfavor mi correo es

Do you need to make a profile request for Light jockey Or ONYX?

¿Necesitas hacer una solicitud de perfil para Light jockey o ONYX?