Beginner: House Lights Scenario

Playback button 1 sets the house to 50% and the stage wash to 100% blue.

Someone says, “Can you bring up the house lights for a second?”

Is this when I would use an Override cue, and have a single fader to have quick, manual, temporary control of the house?

Also, I would think that I would want to auto-load the House Lights playback at boot with a 0% intensity to make that cue active and available immediately.

But, question 2… if I have manually increased the house lights while another cue list is running, and I attempt to step through the other cue list, since the Override cue is HTP, none of the cues in the playback that have House Lights values will do anything, correct?

If so, is there a way to auto-release the Override cue when resuming control of a different playback that contains house lights values?


While the options and solutions you have presented are a possible work around to your scenario, I have some additional thoughts. It would be helpful to know what type of fixture your house lights are.

One option could be to just record a submaster
with your house lights at full. This would allow you to bring it up on top of whatever you have. Similar to the override idea, but don’t need to set anything at boot or worry about a release. Slider up brings lights up and down turns them “off” (depending on where they are recorded in other cues). This is using the HTP feature. If the cuelist is high the lights are at 50%. If they want them up for a second…slide the submaster up above %50 (or to full) and the lights should go to that desired intensity.

Not knowing the type of fixture your house lights are makes this a little harder. But another option could be to record a separate cuelist for house lights. Not always the best option, but I like to cue my house lights as a separate cuelist and then trigger with a macro from my main playback cuelist. The main reason for me is it allows me to separate things out and makes sure I don’t get stage lights recorded into a house setting or vice versa. A little more work, and mental preparation, but usually worth the effort.

Hope this helps,


Ah…so, the sub-master controls only specific intensities and will only cause a change if it is increased above the current cue’s intensity level. When the HTP sub-master is lowered below running cue levels, will the light return to the active cue’s level or will the sub-master bring the fixtures below the cue’s level?

The house lights we have are 7 tracks of LED floods attached each to a channel on a Leviton dimmer pack.


That is mostly correct. A sub master, in HTP will “override” any cuelist when brought above the current cues value. When it is dropped below the cue value the cuelist should pick it up again at any value above the sub master.

The second is that a submaster will also work by itself. There is no need to have a cuelist associated with it. With house lighting as dimmers you can simply use a submaster only and they can set whatever intensity they want “on the fly”.

Hope this helps,


This is a semi difficult one. Depending on if this is for while programming and setting up or live I would do this one of 2 ways.

Live I would use programmer and manually set house lights to desired intensity. This overrides cues and can be clear clear Ed.

Programming and possibly live since less chance of mess up have a quick cuelist or use programmer to set your houselights at full and park your houselights group. Then clear if programmer or release is cue. The way to turn this off is through unparking. An override will work in same respect but would have to be released. Parking is nice because the lights can not change at all without any fear of messing up.