BPM/Tap Sync on FX

Is there a reason as to why this isn’t a feature?


is this bug already fixed



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I am a Graphics Operator and digging into lighting. Tap/BPM is a must for video mixing/effects.
This is a must for lighting.
Not being able to tap sync your effects is a big disappointment, especially for lighting.
I personally like to have very tight beat snapped shows.
Is this on the timeline to add as a feature?


Its something we’d like to add but its not going to be in the near term.

Thanks for the response Matthias. The software is working out great for preprogrammed shows.
When/if you guys can implement this feature, it will be a great addition for my live shows.

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Linking Tap Tempo with FX Speed (I've solved it!) there is this LUA script which should also work with the newer onyx versions. I can’t get it to work but that’s prob bc I currently don’t have access to Onyx hardware

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@Matthias is there any availability for an internship or something of the sort for someone who might have quit engineering to do live AVL and wants to contribute to ONYX


using chases instead of BPM for fx is tedious and really annoying, especially when one is using a multi-part fixture like a color chorus 72 along with others fixtures (in my case, 4 wash fixtures and several 5-part pixel fixtures)

I need the board real estate to only take a single cue, and i do not want to make a 60 cue chase lol


Esta caracteristica es importantisima sobre todo para los que trabajamos en salas de musica electronica, es mi opinion

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BPM tap soonish?

I see this is dated from 5 years ago. Any word?

Thank you. This is great for people that have a PC running, but this really needs to be implemented natively for use with standalone consoles.

Has this been implemented yet? It seems like a very standard feature to be missing at this point.

@Acolvin ,

There are some major audio enhancements in the current beta. I have not had a chance to try any of them so I can not specifically say that this is in there. But the NDI sources that was apart of this beta have been fun to play with. I also have messed with some of the audio settings (just no actual audio yet) to see where DyLOS controls it.

I would encourage you to play around with the beta for yourself and see what you get.

Hope this helps,


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Bumping this topic.

It would be very useful to be able to tap sync the BPM of the FX Speed.


Is there any update on this? I bought into this whole platform already, so too late now to do anything about it. I did not think to check if something so critical was a feature because it is so basic. How in the world is this not mission critical? I feel like a moron for buying this now. Wow. Y’all are messing around with pixel mapping when the car you’re selling has no gas pedal.


When Is this getting fixed?? BPM for fx timing is a must! Ive heavily invested into ONYX and am now second guessing and considering selling my gear to purchase an MA3 OnPC Command Wing.


I feel you! I also did not check if this could be done with Onyx because I’ve previously never heard of any console that isn’t capable of syncing its effects to BPM.

I really hope that more resources will be used to develop this feature! For me, it is a NO-GO, that this thread has been open since October 2018 and nothing has changed since then…

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we think they want to do it, but they simply can not. because the part of the software is so old that none is there who knows how to do it.
it is really funny, but also sad.

They for sure want to implement this feature and work on an old code-base, but you can figure out how the current implementation works within 5 years and change it (if enough resources are used).