BPM/Tap Sync on FX

I have been searching for a way to control FX speed with BPM/Tap Sync. I saw multiple posts from prior years on this issue and responses that it was in the works. Was this ever implemented? Is there a way to control the FX speed via BPM/Tap Sync?


A bit more on this… I have some fixtures that have built in chases. I can control the tempo of these built-in chases on the FX speed “belt” in the software, but constantly adjusting a slider to try to match the beat of music is inaccurate at best. Tap Sync on this FX speed would be a godsend.

I have been dying for this to happen as well! Give the people what they want!


There is nobody not wanting to offer this, but there are other more pressing issues and features to address for now. However these fixes will enable your request eventually.

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I would really also like this feature. It is on the wish list since 2017 :slight_smile:


How long til this feature will come out? I think its the most important feature needed for an update,It takes to program chases just to be able to have cues that will beat match. Using the fx engine would save me so much time, but it doesn’t have any way to match up with the beat. It makes it pretty much useless when im doing a lot of edm lighting shows and need my lights to be tightly locked in with the beat. I only use it if I dont have the time to hard program a bunch of chases. This feature along with different speed masters are the most important updates needed to onyx right now in my opinion.


I 100% agree with you Kerry!

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I don’t want to Bump old threads But even you do match up the speed the effect does not start at the same time even if triggered by timecode.

Sometimes it starts somewhere in the middle of the effect bumping up to 30% instead of 100%

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Still requesting this feature. :slight_smile:

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is this solved in any way?



There is currently no BPM control of FX.

Is there a reason as to why this isn’t a feature?

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