Brand new NX Sync - Cannot get device to function.

I purchased an NX Sync earlier this year while I was building my show with TimeLord. Upon completion we went to switch over to LTC SMPTE and cannot get Onyx to read timecode from the NX Sync. What concerns me is that I have a blue LED on after it goes through its bootloader chase. According to this page: LED Indicators That shouldn’t be happening. I have a call in to tech support and they agreed that the blue LED could be related but I have not heard back from them with a solution.
Onyx has been configured to manufacturer specs, set to Midi Timecode.
LTC tracks were made at
Sending from separate laptop through Focusrite Scarlet, brand new trs-xlr cable directly into NX Sync.

Thanks in advance.

When connecting the device, it goes through the white flash bootloader, then windows makes the “disconnecting usb device” sound before it turns blue. As seen here: NX Sync being plugged in

Here is what the list of connected midi devices looks like in onyx: Connected midi devices