Bringing factory media into older showfile

One thing I had not thought to do earlier was to load an old show file and patch a new DYLOS zone into it. All works well except that it’s now missing the factory media/FX. thumbnails.

Factory FX/media DO work, but no thumbnails/names in the encoder wheels.


We don’t automatically synchronize the console media cache mapping into a show file: show files that don’t have zones probably don’t want to end up with a mapping (risking lengthy show saves if media is included), and show files that do probably don’t want their mapping overwritten unintentionally (it’s actually the other way around: the mapping in the show will be considered the mapping on the console).

So, the user should import the mapping (typically into a non-DyLOS show) explicitly using the Resynch (DyLOS Media) button in the Settings tab of the Show, Load/Save menu.