Bug? HTP-merge when using sACN with different priorities

Hello all,
I have a problem with sACN when i have two desks with different priorities connected to my EP4.
EP4 with V2.4.img and V2.6.nfw
RoadHog Fullboar 3 (3.2.6) with priority=101
HogOnPC 3.15.1 with priority=109
one SGM P-5 on Universe 3 and one on Universe 4

I see a partial HTP-merge of for example the colours (when the outputs of the desks are different) for about one second, then the output with the higher priority is seen, then one second or two later the merge is seen again. The intensity is not always merged.
Sometimes the priorities are working, if i perform a software reboot on the EP4 with the desks connected to it. Sometimes 2 reboots are necessary, sometimes 6 or more.
My latest try was to boot the EP4 without connected desks. Then plugging in the desks didn´t show a Merge-effect. But this could have happened by accident.
This effect is not limited to the mentioned desks and fixtures, it also occurred whith Chamsys MagicQ, A.Leda K10, X4 Bar20.

Could you please help me? The feature of having sACN priorities is quite important to me.
Or would you recommend to downgrade to V2.4.nfw?

greetings Michael


Sorry I won’t be of much help. But have you tried using a priority of 101 and 99 (or something above / below the default). Just a thought.

Otherwise, you’ll probably need to reach out to support. @Matthias


Hi Watson,
thanks for reply! I already tried this, no changes. Today i found out that when starting the EP4, only the desk with the higher prio is allowed to be connected to it. If the lower prio is the only connected desk when booting/restarting the EP4, it starts HTP-merging when you connect the higher prio.