Bug Netron EN4

latest show I needed to save some cues for emergency. But when I tried to save a total white and I run it, the fixture flashed, not like a strobe but in a similar way. The fixture was 2 StudioDue MP 48 and 2 MP 24, connected via ArtNet. I had this ossue only for these, other things were fine. Software updated.
Any solution or similar case?

what is the firmware version on the EN4?


@Matthias Here an example of what happened again last night, this time also with some blinders

Also inform that the Onyx version is the latest, so the 4.10.1265

Disable RDM and set the refresh rate on that port to 20Hz.

Also check for termination on the end of the line.

Ok I’m in a show now and I’m trying to do what you said, but I don’t find the option of refresh rate on ArtNet output, and so still have the problem. I don’t have anything on the dmx port, only have ethernet cables.