Bugs in 4.10

Hi team,

Ran a fresh install of 4.10 on an NX-4 the other night, networked with an Onyx PC station via Xnet. Noted a few bugs…

Playback Buttons
Cuelists recorded to an empty button on a Playback page on the primary console do not display on secondary consoles.

Preset Colour Labels
When a preset is updated on a given station, the assigned colour label disappears on all other stations (long-standing bug)

Fixture Parking
When parking a fixture via the Onyx Logo > Park button, the fixture centre indicates that the desired fixtures are parked, however DMX output is not frozen. Any changes to playbacks or via the programmer still affect the parked fixtures.

I think X-net is just now forever screwed… sigh…

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What makes you think that?

Hello Rob ,

We are currently working on these bugs.