Bugs in 4.2.1048

Hey everyone!

I ran a show over the weekend running 4.2.1048 on an M1HD networked with a Surface Pro. Overall it was perfectly stable and the ability to network the Surface with a custom workspace made complex focusing, patching and rig changes a dream.

I did, however, notice two small network-related bugs. For all I know these may have been present prior to 1048 and I’m only discovering them now. Alas;

  • Updated a palette on one device would erase the button colour for that same palette on the other device (ie: when updating a position palette on the M1HD, the button colour would then disappear on the Surface and vice versa)

  • In the Network Preferences menu, it does not seem possible to disable any options, ie: Synchronize Playback Page. The toggle icon simply would not move.

  • I observed some odd behaviour with the Flash Master level losing synchronization between devices.

All minor things, but it would be awesome if they could be sorted out nonetheless.

Keep up the awesome work, dev team! :slight_smile:

Hey Everyone,

Just to confirm as @rjlynch pointed out on the Network Preference, still not able to “disable” the options in that section.

Running ONYC PC on 4.2.1057 and NX 4 on 4.2.1057. @ControllerSupport @Matthias @menno.appelhof On either device I’m not able to toggle the options. However, I am able to toggle the Security and Information options.

Anyway, hope this helps.