Can I control an attribute range from a fader other than FX?

I am trying to control the Strobe speed of a fixture from a fader using it’s STROBE attribute channel. The strobe using this method is much smoother than using intensity FX and dimming the intensity channel which is very sluggish at high speeds. I thought perhaps I could just touch the STROBE attribute channel and then record that to a fader override but it doesn’t take control of the strobe channel. Ofcourse the strobe channel also has multiple ranges such as 1% to 25% - off, 26% - 50% - slow strobe, etc… so I would imagine that even if I could control the channel with a fader, I would have to limit it to staying between the correct values.

You are half way there. You do want to use an over ride, but make it a Q-blender. This will allow you to record multiple cues (stop / low end of range and high end). You can then assign fader levels for each cue. I.E. 0-10% stop 11-100% slow to fast.

Here a link to the manual with the specific instructions. Override with Q-Blender

Hope this helps,


Thank you Watson! I had a feeling it had something to do with the blender. That was exactly what I needed. You are greatly appreciated.

Please note that depending of the fixture, the strobe control speed is not that smooth. I mean, it will stop strobing at each strobe speed change, which make the usage of that kind of fader useless.

But as I said, that fixture dependant, nothing related to Onyx.