Can I control Madmapper with Onyx via OSC?

Hi, I’m currently using M-PC in our small theatre, planning to move to Onyx in near future. Anyway, in our next project, we are using videomapping with Madmapper.n I’m curious, is it possible control Madmapper with M-PC using OSC? I know, we maybe need to use Qlab, but this is just something I wonder…

Hi Taaalto,

I had a super quick look at the Madmapper website and some of their training videos and I didn’t see any reference regarding the software being DMX controlled only outputting DMX. Are you using the Madmapper for outputting video or are you pixel mapping led lights?

I couldn’t find a help manual for Madmapper on their site to see if there was any reference mentioned in there. If there is, you could send the DMX layout and ask for a profile to be made for use with Onyx the guys are usual pretty quick on getting them made for you.

If you are outputting DMX to control light you should have a look at the latest version of Onyx which has pixel mapper built in.



Hi Hilightsnz, thanks for you prompt answer!

I will use Madmapper for outputting video. I also looked every tutorial I could find about this, didn’t find anything, except I could use Qlab to trigger videos in Madmapper. i was hoping M-pc for Onyx could do same thing for me.
This project is starting in June, so I do have plenty of time to figure out what to do.

All best,