Can I create a symmetrical pan effect within Dylos?

Hi, I am experimenting with using Dylos for P/T movement as well as color. I have one zone setup for color, one for pan and one for tilt. . On my pan zone, I can use generator for a smooth movement, and 2 preset mode to get my fixtures to move. I regularly use the mirror effect for when I want symmetry with color, but when it comes to pan, I think what I want would be more like inversion?? Does Dylos have any options to accomplish what I’m going for?

I realize a potential solution would be to create one Dylos zone to pan half the rig, and another dylos zone to pan the other half of the rig, and just invert the direction of the generator… but this would take up double the time, double the zones and wouldn’t work for when I want my pan FX to not be symmetrical… Please let me know if I’m missing a setting to accomplish this, or if I can request this feature. Thank you

could you create a custom video file with the movement you need bit with a split down the middle? That way you could load it easily with one zone.

On the generator screen, there is a little button with 3 lines on it to open this menu. Reverse the speed to play the generator backwards

Update: Solved

A member of the Facebook group actually pointed me in the right direction and I figured out what I was doing wrong… positions preset A and B need to cross each other and then it works great. When I made this post, I was using a stage left and stage right preset and trying to mirror / invert them, which clearly wasn’t working.

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