Can onyx do this?

Hello everyone.
So I am kinda new to onyx, i got a lot of it down but still have loads to learn.

Anyway. I was watching a Christian Jackson video , and i saw a scene that i really liked, which i later tried to recreate on a smaller scale, i was unsuccessful tough.

[] (starts at 19 seconds).

In this scene there are basically 2 or 3 groups of moving heads slowly moving up and fading out one after another , giving the illusion that the moving heads are infinitely moving up.

I tried to recreate this with 6 Sharpies in pairs of 3. But i couldn’t get it to look as smooth. The main issue comes from the fact that the light’s in the video are at 100% up until the last few seconds of the movement. I’m not sure how to recreate that in onyx.

Trough some other sources i learned that this exact effect is a predefined effect in MA (which he uses in the video) and its called: “dimm/tilt flyout”. And that It basically uses two custom waveforms, one for the dimmer, and one for the tilt. I know that onyx has Macro FX, but none of them have this effect. Maybe im looking in the wrong place :confused:

If anyone has any experience with this , i would greatly appreciate any input on how you would go about creating a scene like this.

Thank you in advance. Best regards.

Of course you can

See this video

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Thank you SO much, I appreciate the help!
Best regards! Stay safe.