Cannot select any DyLos factory preset

Basically, I have downloaded the Factory Package for Dylos to try, I imported the media file , textures was loaded, everything seems fine but then i select a preset is nothing, happen. I try install directX, but no luck there. How to fix this issue?


Did you tried to enable Dylos in 2D view and created a Dylos Zone around your fixtures?

Yes, i even tried create a new scene. Repatch, and reinstall onyx. I can see presets can select. But nothing happens in zone composer.

I see, you didn’t move the Dylos Dimmer fader up.

Yes, but its not a case. I select preset but it still did not apply in zone composer.

On the attached picture, I can’t see if your Zone is on the fixtures.

Also is the Dylos Master fader also on max?

How’s this going? did you get this working? If not can you share a full screen of your 2D window?