Cant find fixtures in the fixture finder in the NX1

I’m using the fixture finder website for a generic moving head. In my NX1 I cant seem to find anything that’s coming up on the fixture finder website. For example I’m looking at the “OEM > Beam 260W MK3” but it doesn’t show up when I look on the NX1 itself. The NX1 is running 4.8.1237.0 and I just updated the fixture library again today.

On a somewhat related note, I’ve been trying to just create a fixture profile myself but I haven’t been able to find any in depth instructions anywhere. I created a fixture on my laptop but I couldn’t ever find it on the NX1. I exported to the thumb drive that came with the console and then imported from the thumb drive on the console. I was never able to find it in patch and ended up having to create it a second time on the console. What am I doing wrong here?

did you search in user library?

Yes, the fixture I created on the console shows up there. The fixture I imported I can’t find anywhere.

@deadbeet -

Couple of things. The fixture finder is a great tool. But it was for fixtures before version 4.6. 4.6 and beyond is a new library. The fixture finder is a great third-party tool to find similar generics based on channel count or parameter / attribute types but does not always correspond to the new library. Your best bet is to make a fixture request on the website. ONYX 4.6+ Fixture Requests (

As for the fixture editor, after you created your profile, are you using the “User” category instead of the “Standard” library?

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Well it took a day of my time but I managed to make a decently working fixture profile through trial and error.

User catagory was empty until I created it on the console instead of trying to import from my laptop.

so, @Matthias ,

is it possible to import selfmade profiles, on a nx1?

Of course, its all the same software on all consoles and PC.

So I just realized the file exported from the laptop is 0bytes. I happened to notice because I was trying to export the fixture I created on the console to the laptop. This file, when trying to edit on the laptop opens with no manufacturer or model info on the first screen anymore. When I hit the next button it gives me a message “unhandled exception has occurred in your application” and says "object reference not set to an instance of an object. I hit the continue button and it just stays on this first page.

Is the software just buggy? I can’t believe how much time I’ve spent on this. I have somewhat workable fixture profile but I’m working with things like all the gobo icons being wrong because when I connect the wheel to the channel it puts them out of order for addressing, then I change all the addressing so that it matches how it should and I still cant get the 4th gobo in the channel. Then after saving the fixture and trying to use it they are just all out of order again and there is a button that says gobo4 instead of having the image and its in the 12th gobo slot despite not even having a functionality for it in the editor.

I also just noticed I’m not getting any movement effects for this moving head. The effects on the pan/tilt just look like if I had intensity selected.