Can't get OnyxCapture Training .exe to run

I have Onyx 4.2.1045 installed on a new Intel NUC i7 with a Radeon RX Vega M GL Graphics card. Using with NX Wing. Working with the Onyx Training show. Have downloaded the OnyxCapture Training visualizer, but cannot get it to run on this computer. When I click it it gives the animated icon like it’s starting for a moment and then nothing. No window at all.

Anyone else experienced this?

I actually was able to run Onyx Training Show with this visualizer on my other computer, which is a much older (below Onyx spec actually) Win 7 machine. It was very clunky rendering and crashed once in while, but it worked. Really need to make it work with this new machine though. Any help is appreciated.

The visualizer is actually a packaged Capture Demo. You may want to install a full capture demo trial and troubleshoot it. This is a Capture concern we can’t help too much with.