Cant reinstall Onyx - Error 1720

I had some problems with Dylos nor correctly working after accidentally pressing alt+f4 so I de-installed Onyx and tried to install it again. Now every time the installer crashes with the error 1720.

This is the displayed error message:

what am I supposed to do?

additional information:
Win 10 version 2004
onyx version 4.4.1193.0


Strange, could you send me your installer log file? In WIndows’ file explorer, enter %TEMP% in the address bar, and PM me the most recent MSI***.log file

For anyone also having the same issue, turning off anti-virus solved the problem.

which antivirus do you use?

Windows Defender

Did you manage to reinstall Onyx? I’m having the same issue…

the only thing I did was disabeling my antivirus. In the MSI***.log file should be some form of hint on what the problem is. In my case this there was this line: “Laufzeitfehler in Microsoft JScript: Das Skript enthält schädliche Daten und wurde von Ihrer Antivirensoftware blockiert.” meaning that some script was blocked by my antivirus.

Well disable your antivirus for the install then.