Capture top/side plots in Onyx 2D view (4.10)

I’m following along in the LearnStageLighting tutorials and I see Capture top and side plots pulled into the 2D view window. Along the bottom of this window are two buttons marked “Capture top” and “Capture side” (in the tutorial video running 4.6). I’m running 4.10 with M-Touch attached and have Capture properly connected (on the same machine using loopback). The two way communication works fine (selecting fixtures in Onyx selects them in Capture and vice versa), but there are no options in my 2D view window to select any plots from Capture. Did something change from 4.6 to 4.10?
Is there an option in the Onyx menu I need to select to enable seeing the Capture plots in Onyx?
Is there something I need to configure in Capture (like layers) before it will send the plot data to Onyx? Any assistance would be appreciated.

Figured it out. Only works properly by starting a new show, then going to Patch > Import > Scan over CITP , then Import all. This of course assumes the patch info in the Capture file is correct and complete.