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I know that Capture is the visualizer for Onyx now but how do I go about obtaining it. I see the demo version on here but there is very little reference to the full version on this forum or anywhere within the Onyx support pages. I own 4 mplays and one m touch as well as a legacy pro one key. Do I need to also own Capture to use it or is there a free version of it for me to do basic offline programming?
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Hello, Capture is indépendant, and not part of Onyx.

You have to buy your own license.

I think Spread is referring to the ‘Capture license bundled with every console’ that was mentioned here:

I’m not an Obsidian or Elation employee, but the way I read this is that when you buy a New Nx2 or Nx4 console you get a standard Capture 2019 License with it.
I have not yet tested this theory by buying a new console, though :rofl:

I was just wanting to clarify. I figured it was way to much to ask for the mplay/touch to come with a license but I figured I would ask.
Thanks for the responses

I wouldn’t be shocked if the Onyx command wing came with one. (though I have no confirmation of this either)
I agree that even an updated m-play or m-touch probably won’t get Capture for free.
$600 unit with a free $450 license key is a bit much Lol

Only Nx2 and Nx4 are delivered with a capture license, as you already said :slight_smile: (from FB, no plan for wing or new M-Touch with such offer)

Ah, they did specify then. Thanks for the info! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Update:The Capture student edition is free and has unlimited universes. No paperwork functions are available and there is a limited amount of scenery but it is quite functional.