Change RGB colour values on effects.

Hello people,

First post on here, just asking a question that I cant find anywhere else on the internet.

I have a colour picker for my RGB lights that doesn’t have an intensity channel. However, when I choose a certain colour, whilst having an effect on, for example, a “Breathe” effect, it fades up the colour that I have chosen, but then goes to full white. I know the reason behind it, which is because I programmed white within the effect, but how do I override that programmed colour??

Video attached.

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Hi Rhys,

Patch your rgb fixture with the virtual dimmer activated to get an intensity channel :slight_smile:

For the override on the white channel, just create an override cue with the FX Speed to 0

Hello Sylvain,

Many thanks for your reply. I’ll have a little test and then tell you from there!

Hello Sylvian,

It works brilliantly, many thanks for your help!

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