Changing the IP of RDM10 wia Webinterface, the Device is not directly accesible via Webinterface

I changed the IP from 2.x.x.x to and the Device was not accessible via Webinterface immidiatly when using the new IP address.
Power off and on helped.

This was corrected some time ago and works in version 2.9.2
However 2.9.2 has a bug with DMX mergers and I’d wait to update this until we correct this and release 2.9.4

THis is still happening in 2.9.2
All RDM10 was running 2.9.2 out of the Truck

I checked this, setting it from the display it works right away.
Setting it from the web UI seems to have a bug, and the RDM10 is not accessible.

We’ll report this to get it corrected for 2.9.4. Thanks for the feedback.

This is corrected in the 2.93 beta, thanks for the report.