Chase is ignoring my BPM setting for the CL...cycling through cues very fast.

I have no idea what is going on with this CL. It’s set as a Chase with a custom rate entered under Options → Rate and no Global or Timing turned on.

When I activate the CL, it cycles through all 15 cues within a few milliseconds and repeats, completely ignoring the custom tempo set. If I set the chase to follow the Global Rate, it does. Yesterday (no changes were made overnight) it worked. Today, negative.


you may have touched the selected cuelist rate by accident.

Check this to be 100% Changing Global Cue Timing (

Not so sure. I created a new chase and set it to 100 and it whipped through the same way. So, I rebooted the computer and reloaded Onyx and the show file and the problem went away.