'CL Value' macros

I would like to suggest a couple of ‘CL Value’ macros. Actually I guess it is a change to the existing ‘Set CL Value’ macro, and the addition of an ‘Adjust CL Value’ macro.

Set CL Value

I have always assumed the ‘Set CL Value’ macro was to set an exact value for the level of the specified cuelist. I only recently discovered in the documentation, the ‘Set CL Value’ macro says: “This macro will allow you to proportionately adjust the intensity values of a specified Cuelist.” But in my experience it doesn’t adjust the intensity value “proportionately”, it does instead work as I have always assumed: it sets the level to the exact value.

But I do not suggest “fixing” this, because I find being able to set the exact value of a cuelist’s intensity very useful. So far, I have much more need to adjust a cuelist intensity to an exact value, than to adjust intensity proportionately, (In fact I use this for key functionality in my show, so please don’t suddenly change it to be proportional when it hasn’t been for so long!)

Instead I suggest improving it, by changing the macro so that you can type in whatever value you want instead of having to choose from a very limited drop-down of just 10% increments. (But if it has to be a fixed set of increments, please at least do 5% increments. 10% its way to big a jump between increments.)

In addition, as previously suggested, being able to specify a time for the intensity to fade to the new value would be a HUGE improvement as well.

Adjust CL Value

While I don’t have much use to adjust the intensity of the fixtures in a cuelist proportionately, I would have lots of use for proportionately adjusting the level of an Fx speed or swing/size cuelist.

So the addition of a macro that does actually proportionally adjust the level of a cuelist would helpful. For example, to be able to double Fx speed or half Fx speed with a macro would be very useful.

But unlike the current “proportional” ‘Set CL Value’ which only has positive values to choose from (0%-100% in 10% increments), to be truly proportional a macro would need the ability to also make a negative proportional adjustment. So this macro would need the ability to specify whether you want positive or negative proportional adjustment.

And, as suggested for the ‘Set CL Value’ macro, being able to type in whatever value you want would be much more useful than just having a limited set of choices in a drop-down. As well as being able to specify a time for the level to fade to the new value would be appreciated as well.


Having proportional adjustment of the cuelist level (at least double and half) as an option for the buttons on the Function Assignments in the Cuelist Options would a GREAT addition as well. Would love to have an Fx speed fader playback and be able to use the button above the fader to “double” the level, and the button under the fader to “half” the level!