Clicking profile Setup takes a long time to load

When i want to configure a new fixture if i click on the setup configuration button it can take up to 4 minutes to load the fixture configuration screen, often my screen goes dim and i get a 'not responding messages come up. Eventually if i wait long enough the configuration screen will appear
Ive tried saving the configured lights under a new user library name but no success. I only have 12 lights configured so why does this process take forever to load?

It is taking so long because it is loading all the fixtures (about 5500 fixtures or about 110MB). You can workaround it by moving all the fixture files you do not need to a special directory so if you need some in the future you can move it back and get it in the program.
The easiest way is following:

  1. Go to Program Files\Martin Professional\Martin LightJockey\User\UserFixtures
  2. Create a new directory, e.g. “Original Fixtures”
  3. Move all the fixtures you don’t need/use into the previously created directory
    Try to start LightJockey again and you should see the results.

This issue is caused by your AV software (credit to Paul :-))

You need to exclude LJ from your un-trusted programs

Here is an example taken from my Windows Defender, under Windows 10

Hi Ofer, I am running windows 10 and Norton Anti virus which means defender is automatically switched off if it detects another anti virus programme so i am told

I am not a pro pc user meaning i dont know how to switch defender back on? is this what i need to do? I am sorry to sound confused but i dont understand how to do this…

This is not what I meant… I only used defender as an example to what needed…
Any AV will let you exclude files from being continuously scanned

As LJ file type is unique, it is unknown by the AV software, which in turn suspect the files are infected, so it scans few thousand files, each time Fixture Configuration is being accessed

thus: for norton,

  • Open norton
  • go to settings (top right)
  • antivirus
  • configure auto-protect, sonar and downloads
  • add file
  • select LJ executable
  • Apply
  • close

I doubt however that this is affecting the performance

It’s not but LJ.exe, it’s about the entire LJ folder

In my case, the performance went from 4 min, to 4 5sec…

Another option for Norton

Uninstall Norton
Live happy ever after!


Couldn’t agree more :slight_smile:

I don’t doubt that antivirus programs certainly affect the performance, I wanted to be sure to point out that this isn’t the only cause of this. I run no AV programs, and Windows Defender is completely disabled on all of my machines. Loading all the profiles still takes a considerable amount of time.

For me, the solution has always been to relocate any unnecessary profiles to another directory.

Haha Paul & Ofer, I agree :slight_smile:

To solve all problems::

  • Stop using Norton
  • Stop using lightjockey, download M-PC
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Ok now I understand- thank you Ofer