Cloning Mover Pan/Tilt ... Not Working?

Hello. I apologize if this was already posted or is a known issue. I searched and didn’t find anything so I’m posting.

A little background. Like many of you i’m sure, I have setup a showfile using fixtures as templates/placeholders that I can clone to the actual fixture when setting up a show. The template fixtures are in fact based on the same fixture (make/model) that I’ve been using. The purpose of this is to have all the groups, presets, cues “pre-prepared”.

When I perform the cloning in the patch section, it looks like everything works with no errors. The issue I’m having is that the pan/tilt values are not right.

I’ll try and give an illustration:
Template fixture - ID: 2007, ADJ Inno Spot Pro, NOT patched, is in groups, presets, cues
Target fixture - ID: 164 ADJ Inno Spot Pro, Patched, is in the same groups after clone function

After cloning is complete…
I select ID 2007 and select a preset that gives me a pan value… it happens to be what I want at 49%.
I select ID 164 (which I’ve cloned from 2007) and select the same preset… it shows me 54%. I’m expecting it to also be 49% since it was cloned.

What am I doing wrong? Thank you everyone.

Nevermind… I think I did something wrong. Gonna test and verify. Thanks.