Hi guys can you tell me which codec you use to output a video ?
and how do i add codecs that are on my pc ?

** using Win 10

I always had a good experience with the DivX Codec package

Unfortunately, DivX has dropped their Codecs from latest DivX Player installers

Try using DivX V. 7.2, where Codec is still included

After installing it, it will be available in MSD, when creating a video

tnx a lot ofer it worked :slight_smile:
no more 17 gb files

Hay Danny,

Just spoke on the phone with Raphi. Didn’t realize it was you :slight_smile:

Good Luck

A few other Codecs you can use are these:

This is a lossless Codec, so it can still produce fairly large files (but not as large as uncompressed).
If you intend to process the Video using other tools, it may be a good idea to use this Codec to get a very high quality video to start with. You can find the Codec on their website:

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