Color Changing in 4.6

I have been using the new version of ONYX and love it except for one major problem. All my ADJ Mega Hex Par (12 channel mode) are staying white. I know 10 fixtures did not go bad all at once. Have tried updating some scenes but that didn’t work shows lights white even in 2-D plan. Can you please get out a patch to fix this I am sure there are more people with this problem, Thank You

Dear Kevin,

Please make sure to check out the release notes. Here are two sections that describe what you may be dealing with.

I would double check this and maybe try a new show file with just that fixture to see if the problem still exist. If so, it may be a library issue needing adjusted.

Hope this helps,


I have tried all your suggestions and still no luck. Y have even removed and did a clean install of the software, library, and content and the problem is still there. Since it is only this one fixture, I believe the problem lies in the library and not some where else.

The new updates have changed a lot of my colors to default white at 100%. This has impacted a lot of my cues where by default white was at 0% with no recorded value.

Is there any way you can turn white to 0% using the programmer? Or does it stay white even when you set white to 0%? Maybe it’s a macro on channel 10?

Record a new default with the white at Zero.

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got everything taken care of finally figured how to reset all my defaults to zero.