Color CMY and RGB fx

Hi everyone! I’m a new user of Onyx software (before I used to use Light jockey ). I’m facing a problem that I can’t sort out. I have some CMY fixture and other RGBW fixture. I want to make a color scroll effect in which both type of fixtures have the same colors . Any suggestion ?
Then I also want to ask if it is possible to link together the fx parameters for color effects for a fixture ? I mean some method to change the fx parameters of all R and B and G only by modifying one ?
Thank you very much!

I would do it via PRESETS for colors.
Create some presets with both fixtures colors contained in those presets.
Like RED from RGB unit, and max Magenta + Yellow from the CMY unit.
Green from RGB, and Cyan + Yellow from CMY… etc…
Then build a chase or a cuelist out of these presets.