Color FX

Got a NX2, working with lights that have RGBM, & RGBW.
How do I set a FX to change colors (To fade between several colors)? How do I select the color it starts on and the color it goes to (as well as what colors it goes to in-between).
I was able to make some things happen when I changed the swing, Speed, and Mode in the FX tab, but I didn’t have control over WHAT color it starts or ends at.
How should I go about this?

Have you tried using DyLOS? Or you can simply make a CUE list with the colors you want and the transition colors.

I haven’t used Cuelists before. Whenever I try to set one up it won’t work unless I Clear Clear everything. But if I assign any light to do anything, then it won’t respond when I run the cuelist.
I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, will have to dig into the cuelists and make sure I’m making it correctly.

I’ll give you an example: red color to green color with a 2 second fade starting on the first device ending on the last. You record 2 CUES, one with the color red and the other with the color green, then record a color fade in cue 2 with a value of 0>2.
When you go to CUE you will see a fade happening and there will be a transition.
This is just an example, by manipulating the values and colors you can do whatever you want.