Color values in fractions of a percent

Dumb question but I can’t figure out how to have fine control over a colors value. For example I need to set the green value to 54.2% and can’t figure out how to just type that in. Trying to do some prep work on my laptop so I don’t have a wing connected. Thanks! I just can’t find the info

Right now i can scroll the percentages on the color window but only in 1 percent steps. My fixture is in 16bit mode

Switch to value mode in the fixture control panel insead of percentage, then use some maths to find the DMX value for the desired percentage. This will give you control over the smallest possible unit. You can then also switch the bit modes to whatever you need in the moment. 16 bits are 2^16 steps (65 536)

65536 * 0.542 = 35 520.5 → 35521 units


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