Colors hidden / not wrapping in expanded Fixture Parameter window

4.6.1218 on a M1HD I have noticed on some fixtures (this was a Martin MH5) when you expand the Fixture Parameter Window to show the color picker some of the colors are not wrapping down to the next line - see the color scroll bar vs. the color picker window, on one wheel BLUE is hidden from view in the Color Picker, on the other wheel CTO is hidden from view.

Not sure if this is an OS issue or a Library issue.


This is a library issue…
This happen, when more then one slot label is identical…

Each color slot needs to have a unique label

Please report this via Profile Request form:

Ofer Brum
Onyx Library Support

I received a reply back to my library request, apparently it is a bug that should be fixed in a roll-up in a few weeks.

Has been fixed in 4.6.1219

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