Colour gel and beam angle settings for 1-channel PAR in MSD?

I need to put into the stage project traditional PAR /1-channel dimmer/ as my fixture.
I’ve choosed this kind of fixture in MSD fixture’s library. I mean I found 1-channel fixture from many possible fixtures as example. I’ve tested a few. In every case you can put particular fixture into stage project, you can change light intensity according to DMX level,
and there are also two possible settings: Color and Beam.
I’ve tried to change Color parameter /as different color gel from many in menu/
and Beam value /as number from 0% till 100%/ and I expected that my fixture will change color of light stream /Color/ and angle of light stream /Beam/ according to setting, but…
no changes appeared.
Any fixture I’ve tested - achieved light stream is still about 3000K and beam is constant.
How you can change Color and Beam settings to achieve expected, mentioned above results?


Regarding your questions:

  1. Intensity & Color are controlled via the Parameters tab. Make sure DMX switch is OFF, otherwise you may get DMX values from a controller, that will force intensity to 0%
  2. PARs does not contain any Beam controls, just like the real PAR fixture. You can choose a PAR type, to suit your needs, each profile has its own lens type (Wide, Narrow, etc…)
  3. Make sure you are not trying to change Color under the Info tab. This option control the actual fixture housing color, just for ease of visualisation

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Hi Ofer,
in fact it option works in 3D Visualizer module, but what for this option as available in Show Designer if it doesn’t work next in 3D Visualizer?
I’ve just tried it according to your suggestion and it works well :slight_smile:
I’ve also found in fact fixture with beam angle I’ve need, but I thought beam value can be controlled as “preset” as option in Show Designer module during stage project creating.
Later when I swithed DMX ON, I can control this “coloured” PAR with DMX level from M-PC!
Thanks :slight_smile:

Another similiar question:
Is there an option=special fader assigned individual for each fixture in MSD
as “additional” intensity level control for fixing light intensity as kind on fixed “inhibitive”?
It will be very usefull to make a kind of “preset attenuator” for each fixture
for fixing fixture to each other /if you use another=similiar fixture from library with another power but the same behavour/. Is it possible?

I expected that the first step is to create stage view project and attach all fixture parameters in Show Designer module with all functions and behaviours and next to use this file (project) in 3D Visualizer module for creating show on this virtual stage.
So, what for there are some fixture’s options available in Show Designer module if they doesn’t work in 3D Visualizer? Is it simple small software bug or any kind of wanted/special software feature which I can’t explain because my low knowlage about MSD?
Sorry, I’m beginner, maybe my questions and suggestions are a little bit stupid,
but descriptions are plain, simple in manual, without some nuances, shades useful for usage software in practice.

We just checked setting the static gel color of a Par in the ShowDesigner module, and apparently there is a bug there, as it does not change the color (as you stated) which it should do. We will have a look to fix this bug.

You can indeed start work in the ShowDesigner module to create a stage view, and later on move to the 3D Visualizer module for visualisation, but we are moving more and more of the functionality of the ShowDesigner module into the Visualizer module, so that you can do a lot of the setup work directly in the Visualizer module as well.

Thanks :slight_smile:
In fact I found that there are some similiar features in both modules
and I was confused what is a reason? :wink:
So I suppose the way is that in the future both modules /Show Designer and 3D Visualizer/ will be joined together as one comprehensive software.
Now, because of soft history development some features are split and for basic stage construction is dedicated Show Designer, and for ultimate visualization - 3D Visualizer.
I understand.