Colour Picker (colormix)

Hello! I would like to see the Onex system work with all colors and not just RGB. This method of color mixing is inconvenient when creating built-in color effects, you have to remove white to see the effect and there are also seven-color fixtures . Also, such a color mix system is inconvenient in theaters. I hope they hear me, thank you.


we here you and a redesign of the color picker to work with all emitters is planned.


Hi Matthias,

Look forward to seeing this being implemented.

Something that would be nice is support for being able to switch to XY cords like being able to switch between CMY, RGB, HSV in the current one.

Or a popup window where you could type in the XY cord’s instead of using the encoders.

Kind regards


Interesting. I will look forward to see how that gets implemented. I can see how you would integrate white emitters into a generic color picker that that works for all instruments, but how would you integrate things like warm white, amber, lime, etc.? I guess it would have to be instrument profile dependent in some way?

Second on the implementation of x,y. Even if it’s not exactly spot on technically perfect. A generic color picker that approximates would be a good starting point. It’s my belief that x,y is the color format of the future. It is taking a long time for the industry to standardize their implementations, but eventually it’s going to be the standard (fingers crossed).