Completely release parameters from cuelist

Hello there !

Probably quiet obvious but I really can’t figure it out ( and can’t find the answer on the forum ).

How can I completely remove a fixture, or certain parameters from a cuelist ? For MA users, it would be the “release” command.

For example in a half busked show if I have a Song cuelist and my Spots are controlled by another cuelist.
I want my spots in a certain position only for the bridge cue, than to release to whichever cuelist was controlling them before the bridge cue, without tracking any data for the rest of the Song cuelist.

Thank you !


This is not possible.
Once programmed a fixture is part of all following tracking cues. You can not remove a fixture from a specific cue forward.

Thank you so much for your response, I will stop looking for a solution .

Just in case, it would be great to add to a which list though. That is honestly a feature I really often have to use on MA.

Thank you again,


This is quite complex as it goes against how the tracking concept of Onyx was defined at the beginning of the platform. Its unlikely to work like MA does as they chose a different style (they also have a programmer you can fade out of into cues, while our programmer is some sort of completely separate box, closer to how a Hog system works).

Thank you for the explanation, I understand it better now, very good to know !

Things get real complex real fast on this system. I’ve had a little time on Avo on a friends system, and myself own onyx since the hardware is cheaper. In 2019 I used the Avo more. In 2020 I used the Onyx more simply because it was easier to not have to remove the Avo from it’s semi permanent home the few times we actually needed it. What you are thinking can be accomplished through the use of Macros. It’s ridiculously time intensive, but it can be done.

I found myself cursing the inability to remove or change parameters numerous times during my last show. I work with TD’s who rarely make up their mind and stick to it through an entire show. I built a timecode cuelist that was nothing but macros, since every single fixture in that list was to be used as part of other cue lists running the same time. I was paranoid and didn’t rely on the system, Release other list, Trigger different color list, trigger different effect list, restore original list. Repeat. I will say you can do just about anything in Onyx, just not on the fly…not fast enough to satisfy the TD anyway.

Sure I could have built the entire look in a single list, but like I said the TD always changes things. So building the entire look in a single cue list would maybe cost me more time than programming all of the macros.