Confirmation that Hardware is talking

Onyx ver 4.2.1045. Win 10 Home on Sony Vaio Touch laptop. Martin M-Touch connected to pc via USB. 5 to 3 pin adaptor. Dmx cable to a LED Par on dmx address 017.

Is there a simple way to confirm that the hardware is connected correctly and is talking ? I have watched hours of video and so far everything seems rather academic. Lovely but it is not helpful that I can’t watch and then learn on my hardware…

I also have a dmx King edmx1. When connected to the pc via Ethernet and powered up via USB, it can control the lights using the diagnostic utilities.


There is a console tester application to test the m-touch and generate dmx signal

Thanks Matthias!

How do I find that ? Assuming it is on the file system and not another download, what is that application named ?

Thx, Mal

its called console tester and is installed on your PC

Sweet and thanks, In recovery after a 17 hr festival day at FOH yesterday. Will go looking when I peel myself off the couch :wink: